A memoir





甫出書那天,也寫了篇動態分享給我那些閱讀英文的同學們,據說國外這些Memoir類的書近期很受歡迎,像是Educated: A memoir,台灣翻譯《垃圾場長大的自學人生:從社會邊緣到劍橋博士的震撼教育》,另一本Know My Name則是性侵受害人的自述。相較於在中文的世界裡,要說自己曾經經歷過些什麼,我多少還是滿有些包袱,換成英文,好像就距離更加遙遠,但人們卻總是鼓勵你說出來。

Today, I published my first book “Uncover the Shell" in Taiwan. This book is not just my autobiography (too young to say so), what I depict is how the society and industry change in Taiwan from the 90s and how people struggled. My father was a gambler, he ended up as a contract worker and died because of a construction accident. My mom divorced while I was a child. Bearing debt, she worked a lot and raised me up on her own. Two years ago, I deferred my MBA and stayed with her. She had a stroke before I departed, and after diagnosis, it was cancer. Unfortunately, she ended up with suicide because of cancer’s suffering.
But I always think she is the most successful woman in the world. I could go to the top university and she always wants me to chase my dream, all supported by her. I really want to write this book to honor her and tell those people who have the same experience, you are not alone. What I learned is to embrace the hard time in your life and live with it, accept the uncertainty. I am a suicide survivor, before this, I was a journalist to write down others’ story, now is my turn to tell my own story.



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