PeiChin CHIANG(江佩津)

Contact mail: peichincc [at] gmail.com

Now: Writer & Creator / Freelance

Previous: Profile Reporter in Next Magazine / Independent Journalist

Writer/Journalist from Taiwan. Recent writing is post-memory portrays the grief and condolence as a suicide survivor.


曾任:壹週刊人物專欄組記者 / Bios Monthly特約編輯 / 台灣環境資訊協會特約記者



2020. Global MBA, Strategy and Management.
ESSEC Business School (École supérieure des sciences économiques et commerciales), Singapore & France

2014. Master of Science, Agriculture Chemistry.
National Taiwan University (國立臺灣大學), Taiwan

2012. Bachelor of Science, Agriculture Chemistry.
National Taiwan University (國立臺灣大學), Taiwan


2021 – US : Fellowship Residency at Santa Fe Art Institute granted by Taiwan Ministry of Culture
2021 – Brazil : CASA NA ILHA Art Residency Program, Brazil
2021 – Spain : “nos llamamos asi” Collective Narrative held by Can Serrat parallel with Cajon de Sastre, an independent publisher, and guion bajo, a writing residency, both based in Colombia
2020 – Taiwan : Matsu Artist Residency Program (109年「藝術游擊」藝術家馬祖駐村) held by National Hsinchu Living Arts Center (新竹美學生活館), under National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts


2020, Nov: AIR Matsu artist joint exhibition in the historic district of Bopiliao, Taiwan.
2020, Sep: “Forms of record’’ – Artist in Residency Matsu On-site Exhibition 

Awards and Grants

2021: Fellowship of youth creative writing “Syonan Island Story Collection”. Issuer: Ministry of culture
2020: Fellowship of creative writing “Person being left”. Issuer: National Culture and Arts Foundation
2019: Fellowship of youth creative writing “Record of Mechanic”. Issuer: Ministry of culture
2018: Outstanding Public Relations Award – Government communication. Honour Issuer: Foundation of Public Relations
2015: Fellowship of creative writing “Prose: Ruins”. Issuer: National Culture and Arts Foundation
2014: Literary and Artistic Creation Award Excellent in fiction. Honour Issuer: Ministry of Education
2014: National Taiwan University Literary Award First in prose. Honour Issuer: National Taiwan University
2014: Taichung Literary Award Third in prose. Honour Issuer: Culture Affairs Bureau, Taichung City Government
2013: Fellowship of creative writing “True or False? Fiction & Prose”. Issuer: Culture Affairs Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government
2009: Hong Kong Youth Literature Excellent in prose. Honour Issuer: Hong Kong Youth Literary Awards Association
2008: TSMC Youth Literary Award Excellent in fiction. Honour Issuer: TSMC Foundation


2020: Memoir and Personal Essays: “Uncover the shell (卸殼:給母親的道歉信)”
ISBN: 9789865406561
Publisher: Locus Publishing Co.

2018: Co-Author: “Formosa Fun Coast explosion incidents reports (結痂週記:八仙事件 他們的⽣命經驗,我們不該遺忘)”
ISBN: 9789571374161
Publisher: China Times Publishing Co.

2014: Essay Selection: “Mob Pictorial (暴民画報:島國青年俱樂部)”
ISBN: 9789866798894
Publisher: Chien Hsing Publishing Co.,Ltd

*Essays released in newspaper and magazines: UDN, China Times, Taiwan Panorama, The Merit Times, etc.

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